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Portable & permanent Vinly Floors

Harlequin AllegroHarlequin Allegro

Allegro - was developed as a loose-lay dance and aerobics floor to protect against hard subfloors. Harlequin Allegro is the thickest roll-out dance floor available in the world. In beautiful plain colors, it is made by reinforcing a vinyl dance floor with a tough fiber interply, then backing this with a firm foam cushioning for resilience. The result is a "point-elastic" floor almost 3/8" thick!

Harlequin CascadeHarlequin Cascade

Cascade - is a reinforced sheet vinyl, painstakingly manufactured to high standards and is specified worldwide for loose-lay and permanent installation in dance studios. For modest minimum quantities we can produce colors of your choice.

Harlequin FiestaHarlequin Fiesta

Fiesta - was developed because we saw a clear need for a floor for dance and drama studios which looked exactly like wood, but without all the associated problems of cleaning and maintenance.

Harlequin FreestyleHarlequin Freestyle

Freestyle - Harlequin Freestyle is a dance floor particularly suited to the requirements of modern dance. Thicker than our Studio range, it provides added protection against hard sub floors.

Harlequin Hi-ShineHarlequin Hi-Shine

Rolls out instantly to a breathtaking wet-look finish! Specified by exhibit and design companies and extremely well suited for use as a fashion show runway or awards event floor. Available in 5 popular colors and ready to ship on a moment's notice.

Harlequin MarineHarlequin Marine

Marine - cruise ship lines have asked us for a dance floor which can be installed in confined spaces on marine vessels and conforms to marine standards and fire ratings. Harlequin Marine does both!

Harlequin ReversibleHarlequin Reversible

Reversible - securely established itself years back as the classic double-sided stage floor. It is a calendered vinyl consisting of a complex "sandwich", providing a slip resistant surface on both sides. These special wear-coats are easy to maintain and they are approved by dancers as a loose-lay floor on stage and in the studio. Reversible is sometimes called a "marley floor".

Harlequin StandfastHarlequin Standfast

Harlequin Standfast is an extremely hardwearing and contract-quality flooring. It is intended for permanent installation into adhesive, when the joins are heat welded to form a continuous performance surface.

Harlequin StudioHarlequin Studio

Studio - is one of our special hardwearing floor coverings designed for dance, studio and stage use. It is a complex vinyl construction incorporating a strong mineral fiber interply and a firm foam backing. The surface is produced from a hard-wearing vinyl and its formulation focuses on the demands of dancers. The result is a slip-resistant floor to reassure performers and a predicable surface to give confidence to dancers for demanding choreography and movement. The firm but lightweight foam backing helps to protect against hard subfloors.

Harlequin Studio BHarlequin Studio B

Studio B - designed for extra strength and with a firm cushioned foam backing. Studio B protects against hard sub-floors, but is still light enough to be portable for touring. Studio B's surface is specially formulated for ballet, modern and other barefoot dancing. Available in 2 colors, Studio B also helps to reduce noise.

Tap Hip Hop FloorTap Hip - Hop Floor

Harlequin Tap/Hip-Hop Floor is the answer to many requests for an in-home roll out wooden mat which can go over hard surfaces, and yes, even over carpet! Made of wooden slats and held together by a muslin backing, the Tap/Hip-Hop Floor rolls up easily for storage and unrolls quickly for use.

Harlequin Tap TilesHarlequin Tap Tiles

Tap Tiles - a specially formulated dance flooring to meet the needs of tap, but with protection against pits and scratches. Provided as yard squares that slide together to rapidly provide a tap area, leaving the floor beneath untouched.

Harlequin TV TilesHarlequin TV Tiles

TV Tiles - made in large 36 inch square formatted to precise engineering standards, TV Tiles provide an ideal flat, smooth floor for television studios well able to withstand the day-to-day demands of equipment, trolleys, lighting trusses and carpenters!

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